About Us

GRAEVO – the traditions of Ukrainian winemaking. Zaporizhzhya region as a wine region appeared on the map of Ukraine quite recently.

How did it all start?

With an idea, of course. We thought it would be very good to create a wine that reflects the authenticity of the south of Ukraine. The pronounced taste of local products is closely related to the variety of local wine bouquets. They reflect the terroir, the proximity of the sea, flowers and fruits.

GRAEVO production is located in the historical part of the city of Zaporozhye – Verkhnyaya Khortytsya. It is here, nearby, that the famous 700-year-old oak tree is located and is famous all over the world about. Khortytsya. Therefore, you have many reasons to come to Zaporozhye and visit our production.
We make wine on certified equipment Taormina, Pillan Colombo, Enolmatic, ENOPVC-Hotair of Italian production, and Termoinox Group srl, production – Moldova.

We are a team
Our team consists of 11 professionals. Technologists, managers, logisticians are in-house, that is, on the staff.
Italian equipment in production
In the modern world, craft wine is produced on modern equipment. We chose Italian. It is certified special steel equipment for food production.

Certificates / License

We have been producing quality wine since 2014. There are honorary awards and or little experience in production and sales. We produce 50 tons of quality wine annually. These are red, white and pink varieties.