Riesling 2020

Volume - 750ml
Alcohol content - 12.5% ob

The wine has a pale yellow color with a tendency to green, with a floral apple tint in the aroma and with a noticeable acidity on the palate. The aroma also reveals floral, herbaceous (cut grass), fruity notes (green apple, grapefruit, pear, peach, apricot), which smoothly transform into taste.

200 uah


About wine

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    Type of grapes

    Made from Riesling grapes.

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    KBGV per 100g of product

    52-82 kcal, 0g protein, 0g fat, 0.3g carbohydrates.

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    It goes well with this wine

    Pairs well with salmon and river fish such as river trout, pike perch

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    Storage conditions

    Store in dark, ventilated rooms, free of foreign odors, with an air humidity of no more than 85%.

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    Storage temperature

    From + 8C to + 20C.

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    Serving temperature

    From + 8C to + 12C.

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    Expiry date of wine

    12 months. Products are suitable for further storage and sale, if after the expiration of the warranty period there is no cloudiness and visible sediment.

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    Shelf life in an uncorked bottle

    Store only in a refrigerator, closed, no more than 2-3 days.

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    At the Ukrainian winemaking competition "Wine Guide of Ukraine" Riesling 2020 was awarded the bronze medal of 2021

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